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In charging a neutral object b...

In charging a neutral object by induction, the side nearer to the positively charged object acquires negative charge.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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if we talk about this question is given question is in charging a neutral object by induction the site near to the positively charged object AC was negative charge so we have to tell if the given statement is a true statement or false statement so let me tell you that were that this given treatment is to see why this is a true statement suppose we are charging by the process of induction occasion in this particular diagram and this particular picture so A positively charged rod and bring it near to a sphere OK then due to induction some charge will be on the spear ok but we know that positive attracts Negative positive attracts negative and negative attract positive but the like charges suppose positive and positive please please to repel each other ok and negative

Republic Day for negative negative also represented the type of charge will be induced here which is attracted by the positive charge and we know that positive charge at this site negative charge will be induced ok and on the other side there will be equal amount of positively charged and use ok because since this was initially uncharged before the final Church should also be zero so in order to obey the law of conservation of charge there is negative negative charge induced on the right hand side there is positive charge induced so the given statement that in charging a neutral oxide by induction the side nearer to the positively charged acquires negative charge suicide nearer to the positive charge has acquired negative charge if the given statement is true that I would like to thank you

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