In an L-C-R series, AC circuit at resonance

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the capacitive reactance is more than the inductivethe capacitive reactance equals the inductive reactancethe capactive reactance is less than the inductive reactancethe power dissipated is minimum

Answer :
Solution :
At resonance (series resonant circuit), <br> `underset(L)(X)` = `underset(C )(X)` <br> `implies` `underset(min)(Z)` = R , i.e., circuit behaves as resistive circuit.


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student admission in a series AC circuit and whether we have to option in Hindi first according to question circuit circuit is at an end to it being at resonance condition are we should be equal to B L and T is equal to accept both are conditions for resonance according to the capacitive religion is more than inductive so this will be wrong because it is equal

at resonance capacitive reactance equal the inductive reactance it will be that every action is lead them in the power dissipated is meaning sofa finding this theta is equal to minus x 10 EP 180 degree because x 3 - Excel at resonance is equal to zero because both are equal to cos 5 equal to cos 0 5

that is one now H P is equal to INR into vrms to be put into cos 5 is one can say that our power will be in 2:00 p.m. that is maximum and minimum 10 near we cannot be zero so here it should be maximum it will be there will be be thank you

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