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In an experiment to determine ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Period `=("total time")/("Total number of oscillations"),T=1/N` <br> Maximum error inT is `(DeltaT)/T=(Deltat)/t=0.2/100.2` <br> Percentage error in period `=0.2/100.2xx100=0.2%` <br> Acceleration due to gravity `g=4pi^(2)l/(T^(2))` <br> Maximum relative error in g is `(Deltag)/g=(Deltal)/l+(2DeltaT)/T` <br> Percentage error in length `=0.3%` <br> Percentage error in period `=0.2%` <br> Percentage error in `g=0.3%+2xx0.2%=0.7%`

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hello everyone in this question everyone in experiment to determine the acceleration due to gravity at a place stopwatch with error solution of 0.2 second was used and the total time for a certain number of oscillation was measured as 100.2 second and the maximum error in time period of A and B the percentage error in the given in a major measurement of length is given point 3% of the web to find what is the percentage error in the right what is the question in the regulation of stopwatch or we can say it equal to ok now we're given time period time period 100.2 S ok now what we calculate the

Maxim in the time period and write the maximum error maximum error in time period will be equal to entity is equal to 12 S of the find the maximum percentage error is yet to find maximum percentage error in time period then it will be in 202.138 to in 200 equal to point point cancel is recorded 202 approximately equal to point of 10%

percentage error in a given the question the percentage error in length is given so we can write percentage error in length as percentage in length is equal to 2.3 % and further Bitcoin the percentage error in ji what you to find the percentage error in the early cancer detection in 200 is equal to what is moving further be no question time period of Pendulum to under root l by the time period of Pendulum time period of a pendulum ok and ji acceleration YouTube

gravity acting log both side we can write taking log what what we have log of equal to log of under root album now we can apply the property of log which is equal to log and equal to law + log and so this is a property of love this property in this equation this is a disease and so what we have to open locked the equal to log of laws of log of under root Alwar

unlock Android one by two log of a year which property of log is applied the properties is log and breast for an equal to an log M this property of Love by applying this property we can write this acceleration due to gravity taking taking differentiation in both side we cannot 10 delta delta County this constant it back to Delta Alwar ok ok

Vinod aur error calculation for calculation always calculate always calculate error has maximum possible maximum possible so we always add error ok important one ok so we always error show the minor cell convert into the plus side we can write Delta T is equal to 1 by 2 + 1 by 2 movie x

x x side by 100 by multiplying both at Banded we can confirm this ratio into percentage respective 10 in 200 equal to 1 by 2 Alan 201 to show this old spective turn this is the percentage error in time period so which is calculated 0.2% show the value of that we can write 0.2 equal to 2 and this is percentage 11.2 question plus one but it is percentage error in ji now

percentage error in gravity ok ji will be equal to minus point B to show from here we can calculate point to point 4.3.2 to get cancelled equal to 4.1 % and method to calculate area of this type of question

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