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Class 12






Alternating Current


In an ac circuit , L = (0.4)/(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`11.4 Omega`,17.5 A`30.7 Omega`, 6.5 A`40.4 Omega`, 5 A`50 Omega`, 4 A

Answer : D
Solution : Given , `underset(L)(X)` = `omegaL = 2pifL = 2pi xx 50 xx 0.4/pi = 40 Omega` <br> R = 30`Omega` <br> Z = `sqrt R^(2) = sqrt (30)^(2) + (40)^(2)` = `50Omega` <br> `underset(rms)(I)` = `underset(rms)(V)/Z = 200 / 50` = 4 A

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hello friends question is given here in an AC circuit inductance l is given 0.4.5 Henry and aajkal to 30 ohm if the circuit has alternating EMF of 200 volt 50 cycle per second frequency the impedance and the current in the circuit ok four options are given 11.4 home and 17.5 a 40.4 15 a 30.7 on 6.5 a 50mm for a OK so here we know reactance Excel is equal to omega l ok and Omega is equal to 25 ok into l so here to buy into frequency f is how much 50 and evaluate how much 0.45 so this by and Pi will be cancelled out so from here Excel is

call to how much this will be 40m ok and our values given r38 so now we will calculate the value of Impedance Z sabino impedance Z is equal to Rs quadratic 40 square sorry Excel square square + Y square 30 square reactance A square + b square show that is equal to how much 15 this is the value of Z and we have to calculate The RMS so I RMS is equal to b r a upon z&b RMS value is given in the question how much 200 so this will be 250 that is equal to four ok for a current so 50 value of Z and for a i r m s ok so 50 ohm and

4MP are ok so this is the correct option ok the impedance Z is equal to 50 Ok home and IR a message for a thank you

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