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In amplitude modulation equati...

In amplitude modulation equation of mesenger wave `A_(o)sinomega_(m)t` and carrier wave `A_(C)cosomega_(C)t` the equation of amplitude modulated wave is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone in this Ko send in Amplitude Modulation equation relation equation of messenger wave a node Sin Omega T we have given the Messenger web as a note Sin Omega T and carrier wave as a c course Omega city we have to find the equation of the amplitude modulated wave amplitude modulated wave is a wave in which the amplitude is modulated ok every two days increased for solving IT Solution we have given we have to find the amplitude modulated wave so for finding this carrierwave adding the whole messenger in the amplitude of a carrier bag so a not plus Omega AC + a

note Sin Omega T course Omega so x is equal to just multiply ok AC cause Omega city plus not Sin Omega T course Mega ji so just bring some Pal maths Mega City + 2 x 2 so it becomes the formula ok just it becomes a formula of trigonometry so we use this formula to solve this ok I am writing this what did becomes it becomes Sin Omega T +

Omega T + Sin Omega T minus Omega I am so simply becomes like that ok now just put the value in this ok now doing this is chorus Mega City Plus not by to sign ma + 80 + science Mega Mega just to answer this question is this is the answer for

what is the option of this option one is the correct option

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