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In amplitude modulation, carri...

In amplitude modulation, carrier wave frequencies are:


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

lower compared to those in frequency modulation.higher compared to those in frequency modulation.same as in frequency modulation.lower sometimes and higher sometimes to those in frequency modulation

Answer : A


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hello we are given to the question the question says in Amplitude Modulation carrier waves frequencies are what is there are a total three types of modulation Amplitude Modulation image amplitude is being Mein modulated phase frequency modulation in which frequency is modulated and phase modulation in which phase is being modulated here we are given with the comparison of am and FM so let's say this is the signal lights am somewhat looks like this

em waves looks like this and FM 20 right so that looks that looks like this and write again properly synthesizer frequency modulation right so what happens is in this frequency amplitude mod

action At The frequencies used are the carrier wave frequency in EM wave used is less than frequency used a frequency modulation here at the information is stored inside mint and hence it needs a frequency so that it does not overlap on interfere with the adjacent frequencies carrier frequencies fight so that is why we use this for a this ranges from 535 2160 5 khz and this ranges from 88 to 208 mhz so answer will be in Amplitude Modulation carrier wave frequency is a lower compared to

frequency modulation is option is the correct answer thank you

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