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In a step-down transformer the...

In a step-down transformer the turn ratio is `1:2` and output power is `2.2kW`. If output current is `10A` then the values of input voltage and input current.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`100 V, 20A``110V, 10A``440V,5A``440V, 20A`

Answer : C


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hello everyone just a question that Transformer turns ratio is 1 by 2 and the output power is 2.2 kilo what if output current is in a then the value of input voltage and input current ok so we have to find out input voltage and input current to there is a relation for received that is and as by MP is given one bedroom has a relation with input voltage and input current so with the voltage relation is voltage output by hot and which is also equal to current input my current output ok

Hindi question the output power is given that is the output power that say about 2.2 kilo wat which is 2200 watt ok and current output current output current that is iOS in a ok if we use this relation we can find out voltage output let's write NS by NP which is one by two ok so you also know that the power output power output is

voltage output into current output is 2200 watt = B output into IR IR quizzes 10 a OK so here we can calculate the output to 220 volt now where to find out input voltage that is we will use this relation to this will be equal to we not why we are further we can write one by two equal to be a 220 volt to 220 volt

and if you solve this we will be equal to 440 volt ok now be calculated via Navya to calculate input current again we will use this relation so nice bhai MP MP it is equal to 1 by 2 equal to input by I thought what we can write one by two equal to input by I output so we can write

equal to output / to an IR to teach and so this will be in my do that is 5 a now we have the input that is 5 A and B input that is aur Pati V option the correct option is the input voltage 440 old and input current 5 a week and write correct answer 440 volt 440 volt

5 a thank you


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