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In a nuclear reactor U^(235) ...

In a nuclear reactor `U^(235)` undergoes fission releasing energy 100 MeV , the reactor has 20% efficiency and the power produces is 2000 MW . If the reactor is to function for 5 yr , find the total mass of uranium required .

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Given , output power ,`P _(0) =2000 MW =22210^(9) W` <br> Efficiency , `eta =("Output power"P_(0))/("input power"P_(i))` <br> `implies (20)/(100)=(2xx10^(9))/(P_(i))implies p_(i) =10^(10)W` <br> consider the mass of uranium ne be m. <br> Number of fision =Number of atoms <br> `("Given mass") /("Atomic mass")xx`Avogardro number <br> `(m)/(A) xxN_(A)=(m)/(235)xx6.023xx10^(23)` <br> Enary produced ,E=Number of fissions `xx` Energy per fission <br> `=(m)/(235)xx6.023xx10^(23)xx200 MeV ` <br> `=(m)/(235)xx6.023xx10^(23)xx100xx1.6xx10^(-13)J` <br> `(:' 1 MeV =1.6xx10^(-13) J)` <br> `=mxx0.041xx10^(12)J = xx4.1xx10^(10)J` <br> Power `=("Energy )/("time ")implies 10^(10)=(mxx4.1xx10^(10))/(5xx365xx24xx3600)` <br> `m=3.84xx10^(7)g=38.4xx10^(3)kg`


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let us start problem you what is the medium is required for five years for the power of what if this is the mass of green and you are getting power as to be 2000

powered by burning the amount of urine is given as the power output / efficiency ^ police 2000-2002 / getting the power input power which it would be sent to the power 10 to the power 4 what is a heading to the how to find the value of the mask

that it is to be operated for 5 years energy energy required energy required energy required for 5 years for 5 years what is the energy required for five years it by in X 24 X 24 r x 3600 second answer would be not wanted to write this kit here as we can take as we can write it as 10 to the power 6

1.57 into 10 to the power 10 to the power x power given in terms of a given that the one atom of Uranium ore of Uranium how much energy is given as the energy by it is by

102.6 what would be the answer to that it would be 1.6 into 10 raise to the power 2 6 plus 2 6 7 8 - 92 and atom that happen to you by one atom of energy 1.57 1.568 into 10 to the power 18 how many how many seasons are doing the total value how to find the number of the number of Uranium atom

is to be ready is 1.57 1.76 into 10 to the power and the amount of energy in the to get the number of 1.6 into what is the value of the number of 28 what is the amount of mask for what is the amount of Urea number of mole is given as molecular weight atomic weight in India

it would be equal number of number of Uranium atom number of atoms / / 5 into 10 raise to the power 2008 what would be the weight is coming to divide and then x 45 45 45 3.15

385 1.3 kg of produce a power output of 2000 MW of thank you


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