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In a nuclear reactor, moderato...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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they will break up elastic collision of neutrons with heavy nuclei will not slow them downthe net weight of the reactor would be unbearably highsubstances with heavy nuclei do not occur in liquid or gaseous state at room temperature .

Answer : b
Solution : During an elastic collision between two particles, the maximum kinetic energy is transferred from one particle to the other when they have the same mass. Therefore , heavy nuclei will not serve the purpose because elastic collision of neutrons with heavy nuclei will not show them down.

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hello students in this question we have in our fellow students so in this question we have been asked in a nuclear reactor moderators are used to Slow Down The neutron which came out in efficient process the moderators used have Light having I will not serve the purpose because I actually be here we have in Australia is why we cannot use the heavy nuclei as a moderator in nuclear reactor so before option given but we will go to options data Customer Care Network tell you what happens after that takes place elastic collision ok so let's assume this is our particle discovered neutron and this is in the accelerator now if we use equal mass M Ti what will happen

Indian music and mass M what is case case one if mass and mass M then what will happen the and that completely transfer its energy into am ok but the problem is they will transfer complete kinetic energy during the elastic collision if Mars is equal to develop Slow it Down and it will cost it will have be having the same velocity now for the case to if we are using having a particle or neutron and this is our time ok now here in

masco and is less than Man Ko ok so what will happen here when the neutron will hit the target audience with a moderator of particle of mass M having it will go for it will completely transfer its energy to this one ok no idea it reflect back but it will not slow down so but we need to do is win to Slow it Down so 3rd ki movie nai 23rd tell you why we like play so if this is our country having an elastic collision with a particle of mass M and the mask o m

greater than that it will it and some of its kinetic energy will be transferred to mass M OK then in some of its energy is transferred to This particle it will lose its energy and hence the neutron the particle and will slow down ok it will either store know it again it was a slow down so that I told you the all the three cases now go to the question option find the option if they will break so this is this option is strong elastic collision of neutron with heavy duty I will not slow them down this is the correct option because if you are having get it will not slow it down as we have seen in our case

correct option option

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