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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 82


In a non - uniform circular mo...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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hello everyone letter start with question and question what is given that there is a non uniform circular motion the ratio of the tangential to the radial acceleration is what where R is the radius b is the velocity and angular acceleration so in this time we need to determine what is the ratio proportion for withdrawal circle circular motion for example this is a circular motion and the body is would be basically a rotating as well as translating so we can say that our this angular acceleration that it is given as to be alphabetic the values to be alpha and the speed of the particle is also given so for example at any instant of time or hear the particle velocity so velocity would be in this direction it would be close to be ok now due to this velocity and due to this angular acceleration it the particle will be having to this acceleration when acceleration would be towards the centre like this week all this acceleration to be the centripetal acceleration which is also known as the radial acceleration of the another

what is this is the rotation in it is increasing angular acceleration is increasing so we can say that this would be the attention acceleration so it would be tangent to the to our path what is the value of the centripetal acceleration of the radial acceleration service centre Patel aur radial acceleration would be square of the velocity divided by the distance from the centre which is given as to produce is given as to be smaller so we will take this value and what is this destination acceleration it is given as are in Two Alpha with Alpha is the angular acceleration if x the distance from the centre of earth from the point at which it is rotating so this would be the videos better or we can see that produce so we need to find what is the ratio of 80 / so we can just take the division of this are Alpha / 20 by 8 so I would be square then it would be Alpha / V square so the final answer would be a square alpha / V square square alpha / 20 karod weekend

use the correct option understand a solution thank you

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