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Paper 2017


In a meter bridge circuit, res...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : By Wheatstone bridge principle : <br> `P/Q=R/S` <br> Case I : When I = 40 cm <br> `implies l/(100-l)=2/X` <br> `implies (40)/(100-40)=2/X` <br> `implies 40/60 =2/X`<br> `implies 2X = 6` <br> `:. X = 6/2 = 3Omega` <br> Case II: When l. = 50 cm <br> `P/Q=R/S` <br> `implies (l.)/(100-l.)=2/(X.)` <br> `= (50)/(100-50) =2/(X.)` <br> `:. X.=2Omega` <br> `:. X.ltX` <br> So resistance need to be decreased and a new resistor should be connected in parallel. <br> `:. ` A resistance `X_1` must be connected in parallel to X. <br> `:. 1/(X.)=1/X+1/X_1` <br> `implies 1/2=1/3+1/X_1` <br> or `1/X_1=1/2-1/3` <br> `= (3-2)/6=1/6` <br> `implies X_1 = 6 Omega` <br> `:. 6 Omega` resistance must be connected in parallel to X to have new null point at 50 cm.

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question is in a metre Bridge circuit resistance in the left hand graph is 24 so this is to and an unknown resistance in the right and as shown in the figure this is our resistance is found to be from the left end of the wire we observe 40cm balancing point register should be connected to so that the new point is 50 cm from the left end of the wire what resistance must be connected to this is so that point is H 50 cm from the end of the wire can see in a metre Bridge experiment at the balancing point condition

50 Cent currency at the balance point condition your let se at this point so we can see the letter is no current flowing through this Galvanometer which means your current in the Galvanometer is that is we can see that this is our wish you when no current flows through this means we have this is places zero current flowing in the bridge arm of this wheatstone bridge which we give this which is balance condition we can eat condition means we can see this becomes our resistance are divided by x is equal to vacancy resistors of resistance of that is we have here the resistance r

resistance to the left of this Galvanometer is equal to the ratio of the resistance to the right side of this Galvanometer resistance in our is given cure at home we have your resistance in a given as text now since this is made of same material so here we can sleep roell divided by 8 and on the two side we have in 200 - Rubal cancels out this site is this comes as any 500 - so we have there as to why this comes as its 100 - 40 60 value of expenses 12540 which is equal to we have the three features of this

comes to reach our three in the condition when we require a balancing less at 50 that is what should be listed in this is connected to explore the new equivalent resistance R is supposed new condition we can see your the ratio of the resistances to the left of the metre is equal to ratio of resistances to the right of the Galvanometer is this test will be equal to we have here as well as dash / we have as 2-4 resistance R is still not responding to balancing and 15 rue why is cancelled from both of production few dash and dash your in our lives

dash resistance can you equivalent resistance of 100 - 50 this is still it's a 50s as to go as we can see the equivalent resistance of a wire is our to home so we can see your from 3122 resistance at decrees that is we can see some resistance has been connected to this resistance in parallel that is we can see its resistance and your some resistance of unknown values which is being asked in the questions are for small R is connected in parallel so that if it's that we need to find this resistance R which must be connected in parallel to that the new balance point ships to cm

violent resistance is equal to X into are divided by X + 8 value of a calculated as 3 ohm is equal to 3 then the value we can speak with this is equal to our 2 is equal to 3 into path / we have here as 3 + 8 + 2 equal to 3 hours we have the value of the resistance are as 64 so we can see here 6 ohm resistance must be connected in parallel to this let se text resistance so that the balance point shift 2 answer

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