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In a collinear collision, a pa...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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hello bro this question 2 question says that in a collinear collision A particle with an initial speed V not strikes a stationary particle of same mass if the final total kinetic energy is one like a 50% greater than the original magnitude of the relative velocity between the two particle after the collision have to find out the relative velocity relative velocity diagram for play suppose initially the particle am was moving with velocity V not and another particle moving with what will happen after the collision the both will start moving with velocity V1 and V2 raters so this will move with V1 velocity

Allah suppose This particle with a velocity re so it is set in the question the kinetic energy final is one 50% of the initial rights we initially the kinetic energy is half MV not a square and its one 50% will be this is equal to the final kinetic energy how can we 1 square + half FB to square now you can cancel out this M since masses are same and others have will also get cancelled out and this will be 3 by 2 so you will finally write a 3.2 V not a square is equals to 1 square does we do square so we got the first equation right and silly question again it so it is given that strikes a stationary particle and final kinetic energy is greater than original 18 and the magnitude of the relative

particle after the collision is to be calculated equation and we will reply Momentum conservation is there is any force in horizontal line in horizontal direction initial Momentum is equal to P sandal soap initial is 32 ok so if you this and you will get Windows Ankush to now what exactly you want from this question if you see the relative velocity is nothing but we relatives V2 - we even moderate this is the relative velocity and thus we want in this calculation right so you can see the relative velocity between the two if you make one of them stationary and gives the velocity of that

another in opposite direction then you will get to know the relative velocity is V2 - we were all video Vivo v11 aise hi to moderate so you know that we oneplus V2 is not everyone square + b square is described if I want to calculate if I want to calculate week 1 - V2 square that will be equals to V1 square + Y square - 27 b two simple so if you see if you square disturb disturb if you square so after square what will get it is very carefully square + b square + 2 V1 V2 right if you put the value of a square + b square

you will get the value of this so you could get the value of the storm by solving these two equations rate please solve it to equation right so I know that this value here is this so I will write V1 square + 2 square 3 Vinod square to now -2 V1 V2 so from equation to you could see to V1 V2 is nothing but we're not square minus 10 that is given square + b square ok so you can put the value of a square + b square as there's only so if you will put the value here - Vinod 2 square and this will become plus so you will write 3

square with a + sin so 3 by 2 + 3 by 2 3 minute a square minus b square is equal to the square of the term V1 V2 and we want V1 - V2 Mall so now you can clearly see to the answer is nothing but is equal to under root of 2 we not a square that is we not route to 10000 now you can see the question again this was our question we wanted the relative velocity that is V1 - B2 angry got it route to Vinod that means is the correct answer thank you

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