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If weight of an object at pole...

If weight of an object at pole is 196 N then weight at equator is [`g = 10 m/s^2` , radius of earth = 6400 Km]


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

194.66 N195.32 N195.66 N194.32 N

Answer : B


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even if weight of an object at Pole is this then wait at equator is what so if you see this is the earth and this is the pole then accept pole there will be a centrifugal force acting on each point of the earth rate at the equator the centrifugal force from the Earth frame will be an omega square into radius of the earth where Omega is the angular velocity of the rotation it is given that the pole at Pole the weight is this state and we want the weight at the equator to equator I will write at equator the suppose I say the Apparent weight and 10 is equals to

you can apply the prosecution here so this weight is interest rates so what I will write a MG will be acted like this action will be directed to the normal reaction will be MG - I am moving a square and this will be the Apparent weight this so I will write MG 10 is equals to MG - M omega square and we want the value of this site to see already and the is given is 19612 put 196 and ji here is so just put the values of Omega if if earth take 24 hour to complete one rotation rate and we know that Omega is equals to 2 pi by what is the time period of time period is 24 hour

b o i will write 25 a 24 hour into 60 minute into 60 seconds will calculate it into Radian per second so I will divide it 13600 this will be the Omega this put the value somas is this Omega 2.24 into 3600 whole square into the radius is 6400 into 10 to the power minus 3 calculating this will get the Apparent weight of the that object at the equator so this will be 1961 after calculation of this whole damn you will get 4.0 0.66 so this will be equals to 19 5.33 and this will be the Apparent weight of that object at the equator so now you can see the correct option 19

5.3 is the Bi option should be will be the correct option

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