If v=(t24t+105)m/s where t is in second. Find acceleration at t=1 sec.


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question is if V is equal to 30 square minus 40 + 10 power 5 metre per second it is in second find acceleration at equal to 1 second we have velocity as a function of time now we are having us to find acceleration sovino acceleration is rate of change of velocity that is we have here as David ET now here we can say velocity is given out to be h t square minus we have here as 4t plus 10 raise to power 5 Pro hello we can appreciate this definition of the square is Tuti next 4 into differentiation of these 1 and 10 power 5 is a constant who is differentiation is zero so this comes out as Tuti -44 now in the question it says at One S its acceleration is therefore substituting value of the year as one
this comes out here as 2 into 1 minus 4 so this is 2 - 4 which here is -2 we can say metre per second square for - 2 metre per second square which we can is power of number 3 history cancer 3 is the correct answer answer

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