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if vecE=E_(0)cos(kz)cos(omegat...

if `vecE=E_(0)cos(kz)cos(omegat)hati` then `vec(B)` for electromagentic wave is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`B=(E_(0))/(C)hat(k)``B=(E_(0))/(C)sin(k_(2)) sin(omegat)hat(j)``B=(E_(0))/(C)sin (kz)cos(omegat)hat(j)``B=(E_(0))/(C)cos(kz)sin(omegat)hat(j)`

Answer : B


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hello to the question the first unit cost you that cos Omega T item we need to find a p letter for the electromagnetic wave is given option 1 option 2 option before that we need to check something now we know that the magnitude of the magnetic field is equal to magnitude of electric field of right now equation is one more equation what is that that upon 3 minus b upon DT

what is the electric field and magnetic field we need to continue from near the b u z z is equal to minus 1 + 2 into cal Omega De Ville solve this you will be getting this case we need to differentiate with respect to that so cost

in to write so and this will be at the cost will be getting my inner sign in to Z Omega 3 Amway lipstick for divided according to this Aditi Sonipat to negative or positive thank you that into that into that

I will be not that now which this might be something into ke the DVD TV have but now we have got this day we buy baby and from the given options we need to check it out with you going to connect so let's come to the office cast option in one is option 1 option 1 is equals to another phone in constant differentiate

year is equal to zero this one so I cannot be there to option 2 option 2 option to UC mini to check each and every of forest type of questions in autoboxing sign into Sin Omega T I love you find it and we need to check it out whether it coming to this equation offer details in Ada County will be acting as constant

time table it is constant sweet sweet will be acting as cos Omega T and then again this time result into cos Omega T A constant cgst this baby ka main sone ka Panchi so we can directly right from your not into ke engine ke knighted

no just keep for this equation same thing we are going hello so option to baby or corrected so we got the answer understand thank you


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