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Class 12






Test Paper


If vec(A)=2hat(i)+hat(j)+hat(k...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`4` unit`5` unit`6` unit`7` unit

Answer : B
Solution : `vec(A)+vec(B)=3hat(i)+3hat(j)+3hat(k)=3(hat(i)+hat(j)+hat(k))` <br> component of `(vec(A)+vec(B))` along `vec(B)=((vec(A)+vec(B)).vec(B))/(B)` <br> `=3xx((1+2+2))/(3)=5`

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we are given to question the question says if a is this a vector is this directory is this find the magnitude of component of a + b along be faster for you will find out a new factor that is see which is equal to 8 plus need that would be equal to 2 + 131 + 21 + 2 CK this will be the new vector which is equal to will keep it like that only and we have to find the magnitude of component of this along so first of all angle between C and B will find that cos theta = magnitude of seeing two magnitude of 2D which would be equal to AC not believe in we not

3 2 1 3 + 3 into root 6 + 3 into 26 / 6 / magnitude of season 22 October of and winter season we call ^ 9 + 9 + 9 27 which is equal to 3 and magnitude of bb21 + 4 + 4 is equal to which is sweets and chaats mint + 3 / 935 my 3 root 3 then this would be the angle theta cos theta

night now component of a long would be equal to C cos theta the projection of adorn the night so that would be equal to sea water is 3 i + J + K in joke 5 by 3 root 3 when we simplify this does not become 5 by 2 3 I + J + night this is the component and now we know we have to find its man meeting night so its magnitude would be equal to so the Mac latest say that is

turn off D will be equal to root over of 525 by 3 + 25 + 25.5 which is equal to 5 units so I answer only 5 unit that is option we thank you

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