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If two capacitors C_1 & C_2 ar...

If two capacitors `C_1` & `C_2` are connected in parallel then equivalent capacitance is `10 F`. If both capacitance are connected across 1V battery then energy stored by `C_2` is 4 times of `C_1`. Then the equivalent capacitance if they are connected in series is-

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`1.6 mu F``16 mu F``4 mu F``1/4 mu F`

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello everyone started question question say that if two capacitors C1 and C2 are connected in parallel the equivalent capacitance is 10 fraud and this would be my girlfriend is a bit in micro fraud if both capacitors are connected across 1 volt battery then energy stored by citrus 4 times of C1 C2 vs C1 then the equivalent capacitance if they are connected in series so in this question was to find out the equivalent equivalent when then the capacitors are connected in series ok so if you see the case then it is this is the capacitor 100uf capacitor to their

connect in parallel fashion and disconnected 2014 old battery 12 volt this case if you see this equivalent for parallel we can write sequel to see oneplus seatu ok but the capacitance is given for this is 10 microfarad ok for parallel combination so we can write in equal to see oneplus 6t question now there is another held in the question that the energy stored by step to is 4 times of Stephen ok if you use this and that is given that the energy stored in it too if you write the energy stored in c 2912 ec2v square

this is the energy stored in the C2 and this is equal to the fourth time of the energy stored in capacitor one ok so here we see that the han and Vishwa Vishwa to cancel out and we can see that CO2 is equal to four times of the 10 capacitance of Co2 is 41051 so we can put this value in equation in equation 1 ok if you right here 10 equal to see one plus C2 and it was 471 so we can write 5 7 equal to 10 and Shivani Goyal to to microfarad ok now we have C1 then we can write seatu that is 4 times of CU 1 rasali 4 into

to that is 8 microfarad so now we have C1 and C2 Subah find when they are connected in series 43 is equivalent is C1 into C2 / 7 plus 32GB food the value C1 is to NC 28732 that is two plus 8GB 16 k8 in 2016 at 10:00 will be 1.6 micro fraud if you check the absence the correct option is 1.6 microfarad we can write correct answer

is 1.6 micro fraud thank you


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