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If the series limit wavelength...

If the series limit wavelength of the Lyman series for hydrogen atom is `912 Å`, then the series limit wavelength for the Balmer series for the hydrogen atom is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : For series limit of Balmer series, we can write, <br> `n_(2)=2,n_(1)=oo` <br> `rArr " " (1)/(lambda)=R((1)/(n_(2)^(2))-(1)/(n_(1)^(2)))=R[(1)/((2)^(2))-(1)/((oo)^(2))]=(R)/(4)` <br> `:. " " lambda=(4)/(R) =(4)/(10967800)=4xx912xx10^(-10)m` <br> `=4xx912Å=3648Å`


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hydrogen atom is 912 angstrom element wavelength in hydrogen Atom was so we need to answer for atoms and London's reasons given for it of Barmer series we can write we can write n 1 equals to infinity and n 2 equals to 2 right now we know that

1.1.1 wavelength is given by Formula 1 and 2 square minus and one put the value of N1 and N2 will get our is equals to 1 upon into two square 1 upon 4 and 1 upon and one square company infinity is equal to get so that we can say that Lambda is equals to 4 upon us and we know that the value of R is equals to 1096 78 0091 2 into 10 power minus 10 to the power minus 10 we can write today's angstrom so will get 4

in 212 angst and get wavelength is equal to 36 3648 thanks to this will be the final