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If the reading of the ideal vo...

If the reading of the ideal voltmeter shown in the circuit is `2V` the internal resistance of the two identical cells is <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello everyone in the reading of pen ideal voltmeter is 2 volt then internal resistance of the two identical batteries will so it is given that the reading of the voltmeter is to V so here are the potential drop across 10 ohm and 15 resistor will be to V right so the current through 10 ohm resistance will be to by 10 and the current through 15 ohm resistance will be equal to 2 by 15 if you see here in this resistance the current is to by 10 and in this resistance as we calculate it is to buy 15

to voltmeter is ideal so no current will flow through this voltmeter so you can calculate the current through this whole circuit or current through the battery that will be I is equals to 2 by 10 + 2 by 15 so it will be 3630 plus 435 right is equals to 6 by 30 i x it with 3 and divided by 3 + 4 by 30 so we get 10 by 30 as the current through the circuit that is 1 by 3 a the current in the circuit is 1 by 3 ampere calculate the resistance of the circuit so that it is a ideal voltmeter

I will write a is equals to you are so these two are in series so to our plus if you see there is a 2 ohm resistor plus resistance of the circuit if you see this holds aukat light sources the voltmeter is ideal so will take care the resistance of that circle as 10 and 250 in division 1015 so we applied the pahle formula are is equals to INR to Indonesian R1 plus auto and we didn't Rote Hue do voltmeter resistance is the voltmeter is ideal 12 plus

what is given that the current in the circuit is 1 by 3 and the resistance is this and the potential drop you can see 1.5 Plus 1555 right from the squares to iah and Y is equals to 1 by 3 and the resistance of the circuit is 2y + right now I write the potential drop is equal to 1 by 3 is a current and resistance is to our + 8 so you can see 2A + 8 is equal to 90 from here you will write to or his Quest to one and all will be equal to half simple so this will be your answer of this question if you see in the question we have to calculate the internal resistance of the two shell and we got the internal resistance of the two cell as half home and this as a answer

thank you


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