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Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : `(mv_(0)^(2))/(r)=(GMm)/(r^(5//2))impliesv_(0)=(sqrt(GM))/(r^(3//4))implieslnv_(0)=lnsqrt(GM)-(3)/(4)lnr`

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hello is the law of gravitation be such that the force of attraction between two particle varies as 5 by 2 power of the separation then the graph of Orbital speed V not plotted against the distance of the satellite from the Earth Centre log log is used alongside the slope of this line will be if you see here it is said that the Inverse Square Law the gravitational force is inversely wearing with the distance power fibre do if you see a force of attraction between the two particle varies inversely as 5 by 2 power of the separation f is equals to if you the mass of the Bible Rider

now this will act as the centripetal force Knight Rider orbital speed is Vinod to centripetal force is a square by this will get cancelled out and if you see 5 by 2 minus 18 will be 3 b square is equals to GM it will be power now you can take log both side and I will lie down to alanui not is equals to Ellen G into m minus 3 by 2 Alan so if you see in this

lnv not an Italian restaurants I will Rider lnv not is equals to LNG m by 2 minus 3 by 4 you can still hear the slope hair is 3 by 4 if you compare this equation with Y is equals to MX + c if you see here on the x-axis and y-axis be not so the slope hair is minus 3 by 4 is ask that the slope of this line is it is minus 3 by 4 is the correct thank you

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