If the inclination of an inclined plane is 30, a block of mass m kept at rest on the surface of the plane, will just slide down. If the inclination is raised to 45 what will be the acceleration of the body ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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when θ=30, the block just slides down
So μ=tanθ=tan30=0.5774
The acceleration of a body moving down the surface of an inclined plane is


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question for today in its first aid to question in creation of an inclined plane is 30° a block of mass and kept at rest on the surface of the plane when just slide down every intonation Everest 45 degrees then what will be the acceleration of the body of monitor draw diagram for this arrangement Congress diagram we can clearly see that there is intonation then give pose angry sin theta the display section section active energy equal to cos theta cos theta direction
detectives and Ecosystem and actress new MG cos theta is equal to 2 when dip angle is 30 degrees at the mass M just light on the surface this mean that the system is in equilibrium and Thursday we can write ng9 theta is equal to force of friction in that case which is also equal to new MG cos theta theta is equal to 30 degree cancelling based on cricket equal to tan theta + tan aur 1 divided by root 3 is also equal to 0.577
Chandigarh Police degree degree speak and write we can write the net post downwards and into a is equal to convert 50 mg price M M 45 degree minus the force of friction which will be new MG cos theta hair styling 45 degree hair we will try to equal to intake MG comment will get sin 45 which is 1 by root 2 minus new which is 1 divided by root 3 into passport by which is again when divided by root to write in Cancer am from both side and here we can get a after this by putting the value of g
Vigyan could be called 9.8 n according to a convenience I'll put 9.8 here in this case 9.8 into 9.2 1 into 1 minus 1 divided by root 3 know this can be calculated using a calculator and final answer will be given 2.93 metre per second square describe your financial equation thank you

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