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Class 12






Current Electricity


If the galvanometer in the cir...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students today our question is if the Galvanometer in the circuit of figure reads 0 calculate the value of the resistor R in KW and assuming that kilo ohm resistance should be in this should be kilometre that 12 volt source has a negligible internal resistance to this is 12 or that is 10 kilo ohm and this is register are ji Galvanometer to what it is connected to two what are the solution of this question is from the Ohm's law we know that what is equals to current into resistance to ise equal rontis B / are so we have V is equal to 12 / they are connected in the series so this is Resistance is 10 + R and B have

because to this is our I am not be so this is our current a and b is equals to 12 / 10 + R and S is X resistance R and this is given to us to V so this is equal to 2 volt and from this we can say that 12 / 10 plus 6 and 12 hour is equal to 2 so from this we can write a 12 hour is equal to 20 + to war and we have the 10 hour is equal to 20 and we have the resistance 20 / 10 that is to home to km and this is the answer for the question thank you

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