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If the electric flux entering ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`(phi_(1) + phi_(2)) epsi_(0)``(phi_(2) - phi_(1))epsi_(0)``(phi_(1) + phi_(2))//epsi_(0)``(phi_(2) - phi_(1))//epsi_(0)`

Answer : B

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hello couldn't so if the electrical plug and drying and living and closed surface that is a given that is a 51 and 52 now calculate the charge inside the circle and X + 52 / cannot 52 - 5 / feline electrical field line enter any clothes Shopping Centre any closed surface any closed surface that is considered as a negative sign which reflect these are entering as let see the elective

entering and leaving No 51 is a entrance or Bihar writing Re 500 electrical field lines which are leaving the living dataphi that is considered as a positive that is a fight to we can write here that the total flux that is a 52 - 51 now according to a Gai so what is the relation is a profile is equal and to work you upon at that is so what is the total five five equal to 1 by 2 minus 5 is equal and to a few upon absent note we want to calculate the charge enclosed by that is so cute is equivalent to a 52 - 51 and X Astronaut policy which is your

answer guys 51 - 52 not that is a option number your answer thank you so much

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