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If relative permittivity and r...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello Pawan if relative permittivity and permeability of a medium is given hair 3 and 4 by 3 respectively then you ought to find out the critical angle for that medium so if you know that the velocity of the sound in vacuum is given by the under root Mu not an excellent not very Mu not and cannot our community and permittivity of vacuum any five Tok the same of about for any medium the speed of light in a medium is given by Mu not Excel not enough Selena where you are an excellent are relative permeability and permittivity respectively rate if you see here here the new r&b and evaluate a given right to just put them have I will write under root of

2343 will get the velocity of light in any medium is equal to under root of 4 new naat asali not know that refractive index of refractive index of a medium is equals to velocity of sound a velocity of light in vacuum by velocity of light in that M if I put the values velocity of light in vacuum is this and velocity of light in that medium is it will be one it will be cancelled out it and you will get the refractive index of the medium is caused due to talk about the critical angle critical angle is the angle

when the light is incident from a denser medium it is refracted to the lighter medium at an angle 90 degree like this and if the angle is more than critical angle of refraction won't take place and what take rest then total internal reflection refraction and reflection takes place instead of going into the other medium light will get reflected in to the same medium if the angle incident angle is greater than Critical Angle right so if I write the snell's law then I will write for this medium and is equals to 1 sin 90 degrees it here is one so I will write sin theta C is equals to 1 by M and M is equal to half its Quest to do so even get sin theta is

superheroes teachers his Quest to forget 30 degree and this is our answer to the critical angle here is 30 degree simple

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