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Jee Mains


If plank's constent (h), surfa...

If plank's constent `(h)`, surface tension `(s)` and moment of inertia `(I)` are taken as fundamental quantities, then dimensions of linear momentum `(p)` will be given as

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`h s^(2) I^(1//2``h^(1//2) s^(1//2)I``h^(0)s^(1//2)I^(1//2)`none of these

Answer : C


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hello everyone I start the question is that it is constant as surface tension as and moment of inertia is taken as fundamental quantities then dimensions of Linear Momentum will be so quick to find out the dimension of momentum P so if the dimension of h it will be a m l report to the power minus 1 and for S8 -2 and for a moment of inertia I it will be I am enter the power to if you write the momentum in terms of HSN I then it will be equal to

for X and Y to the power Z so if you put the dimension Derivation for Momentum is minus 1 equal to an end to the power 2 minus 1 whole to the power x into x minus 2 whole to the power bi into an average power to hold the powers that know if this item will be sent to the power x + Y + Z and S P D power

2 X + 2 Z and give the power minus x minus 21 so if you compare both side comparing both side what we can write we can write one equal to X + Y + Z is equation 1 equal to 2 X + 2 Z and it is all further this one will be equal to is Michael 2 X + Z equal to half lets it is equation

now one word equation that is prompted the power to the power minus 1 is equal to minus x minus 2 Y we can write minus 1 equal to minus x minus 2 Y is equation now what we can do a search using the value of x + Z is equal to in equation in equation 1 ok so what will it gets put equation 2 in 1 then one will be equal to X + Z is half weekend at half dress y y equal to half now

if you put the value of Y in free in three then we can find x if we put Y equal to half in vision 3 will get mobile equal to X + 2 into half as this is - - - - cancel order in both side so what we will be only get here will get X equal to zero H2 N2 cancelled out and if we put this Exide here that everyone -1 and it will be so we cannot access now we have X and Y so we can put axle dijiyo and Y equal to half in one so let's put X equal to zero

and white wall to half in division 1 then you will get 1 equal to zero + + Z so we will get Z equal to now we have the values of x y z that is X equal to zero by equal to half and Z equal to so if you substitute this is values in a equal to 4 x y and I will I do the powers that then it will be equal to 10 Power equal to the power 0 is ^ half and I did the power

half answer is the power 8.0 or half and hour so correct answer is equal to zero and I could I could keep our thank you


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