If heat energy is given to an ideal gas at constant pressure, then select the graph which best represents the variation of VT with temperature (T).


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hello student so the question is if heat energy is given to an ideal gas at constant pressure then select the graph which place to represent the variation of BT with the temperature now we know the ideal gas equation that is equal to nrt this is called ideal gas equation pressure vs volume and is number of moles of gas constant and 30 temperature in this question it is written that pressure is constant if pressure is constant we can write it as we is directly proportional to T multiplying by it on both side that means it will become BT
directly proportional to square metre is why it is x that means it will be Y equal to x square which represents an upward parabola parabola will be in the form of like this every present on the x axis and y axis then assume this year the x-axis and to be y axis and y axis represented BT and x-axis represents the graph will that is upward parabola that means the correct option question will be it will be option one thank you

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