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Jee Mains


If He^(+) ion is in its first ...

If `He^(+)` ion is in its first excited state then its ionization energy is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`13.6eV``48.8eV`if `f(x)={{:(1|pix|+1,xle5),(b|x-pi|+3,xgt5):}``-13.6eV`

Answer : A


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where we have given region + 11 + ion in its first excited state and its initial energy for finding the ionization energy we should know about what is ionization energy ionization energy and writing that solution ionization energy is an energy required to ionization electron from the excited state from given excited-state ok so we are turning to their firstly we should know about the Z Z is atomic number is true for the Helium plus Helium atom and we should know that this is a good one this is an equal to 2 and scored one and is equal to 2 and this is an equal to 3 and soon ok this is a ground ground state and

this is the first excited state this is second excited state so as own like that ok so for financial neji like this question we have to find the National Film person in the first state to the electron is in that here is a Latin we have to take out the electron from managed to to any Anushka to infinity Tanishq gold infinity ok for this case we have to give the energy to do that to an ice the electron from a given element atom ok so animation is the initial energy is 13.6 Z Square by and Square so hair we know about the Z

we know about an so by solving this simply we are solving this 13.6 convert 6 into 6 equal to and and is also true So we cancel this and the answer is 13.6 electron volt given option the first one is a writer so this is the


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