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If electric field in the space...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : -48

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hello Pawan in electric field in space is given as a is equals to 4 x ICAP + Y square + 1 electric flux through a b c d is fibre an electric circuit through BCF is 5.2 then find 51 - 52 so let's see a b c d and B C D E F first so this is the ABCD face if you see this is the a b c d area now b c d e f acf so we want first the flux through these two areas so you can see the area of

BCD is right and the area for BCF is in select suppose it is your so this is it too so I will write you can see the area if you see this length is 2 and this length is also to it will be 4 ICAP now if I talked about the area swept over it will be 4K sample so we got the area vector for the two surfaces now please see the elect to these two surfaces so electric field given him verses for plus one so if you see

list of faces the surface ABCD suppose I right here the electric field is Forex Yeh n y direction it is y square + 1 Jacob this is the electric field and the area after for ABCD is 4k car that is even this is the year and this is even with just hold On We're already calculate the area now you can say the electric is perpendicular to the area vector for ABCD surface light electric field is perpendicular

to ab CD area but or so if I write hi 1.31 it will be even a 1 cos 90 degree which will be = 20 so we got the flux through a b c d as 0 now we want to calculate the flux to VCF Soya surfaces BC if you can see this is the area of the here for you can see the X value is 3 and Y and Z are changing so I will write the electric field for this offer as

E2 water so already have seen their three for this offer so I will write into three that will be too well Y + Y square + 1 Dollar see the area were so we already calculated after is ko and the direction is item so this will be here now if you want to calculate the fight to will just take the door to kato so if you take the dot product this Jacob and I will be will come 2012 into that is it again if you see the question in this question 52 - 5 was asked so if you see

52 - 5 is to be calculated the 5152 if you subtract the to you will get you will write 51 - 52 and that will be = 20 - 48 so it will request 248 Newton metre square to this will be our so this is our answer the question again this was our question and we have to calculate the plus difference through BCF and ABCD and we got -48 m square per Khula Temple thank you

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