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if current in solenoid is i_(1...

if current in solenoid is `i_(1)=alphate^(betat)`. Which of the followign is correct graph between induced current rod time `(alpha` and `beta` are positive)

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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so this question if current in a solenoid is in a given the current I want to Al fatih interest to power batati which of the following is the correct graph between induced current and time ok alpha beta the positive constant we should not worry about that Babita what is alpha and beta so that the question supplement solving the question we should know about what is in describe something like induced current I can say tell you that induced current induced and used in simply did it take hair the eye is what is where is alpha TV instapower alpha t h m t

by DT so this question we use the UV method ok bye applying the maths UV method for differentiation Alpha it is to power m t Plus Alpha it education and differentiate it to A Beat It beat it and beta comes ok let's take the common here is to power m t and oneplus batati ok now just put the values at least 20 just see the at is called this one is a positive T20 this one is positive and this one also hole is a positive so this whole becomes positive

call for options only one is positive check if first is positive answer is first

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