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Basic Mathematics & Vectors


If a_(1) and a_(2) aare two no...

If `a_(1) and a_(2)` aare two non- collineaar unit vectors and if `|a_(1)+a_(2)|=sqrt(3),` ,then value of `(a_(1)-a_(2)).(2a_(1)-a_(2))` is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : C


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Hello even if we talk about this question is given question is if A1 and A2 are two non collinear unit vectors and if magnitude of a one plus 8 vector is equals to root 3 then we have to find out the value of even -2 dot with two even -82 ki so what we are given that magnitude of a one plus 8 to this is equals to 23 now we know that magnitude will be given by magnitude will be given by Evan square + 2 square + 2 E1 E2 cost of theta this will be the magnitude of the resultant vector and this is given is to 3 if I square both sides then I will be getting even square + 2 square + 2 even a 2 cos theta and the should be equals to 3 again since even and A2 are unit vectors non collinear unit vectors their four magnitude of Eve

magnitude of it will be one this comes out to be 1 + 1 + 2 cos theta = 23 so from here I will be getting the value of 2 cos theta as one and this implies that cos theta equals to half and if cos theta equals to have this implies that value of theta is 60° value of theta 68 60° where theta is the angle between E1 and E2 now we have to find out the value of where to find out the value of even -82 Ok dot with two A1 - 8 now if you simplify this done this will become too even square minus even a to -2 A1 A2 + 2 square ok again we know that since magnitude of these ones this will be 22 - A 1.52 and to event Hote To so this will become this will become -3 A1

E2 vector + 1 ok so this will become 3 - 3 x of 3 - 3 x of a 1.82 factor and a 2732 vector can be written as magnitude of E1 magnitude of a two into cos of theta ok now this value will come out to be 3 minus 3 into 78211 and value of cos theta is half so this will be 352 again this comes out to be 3 minus 3 by 2 which is nothing but 6 - 3 / this will be 3 by 2 root 3 by 2 is our answer to the correct option from these is option to address all options are incorrect I will be understood thank you