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If a torch is used in place of...

If a torch is used in place of monochromatic light in Young's experiment what will happen?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Fringe will appear for a moment then it will disappar Fringes will appear as for monochrcmatic light Only bright fringes will appear No fringes will appear

Answer :


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Sahi questions effect of chromatic light in young's experiment what will happen so what is happening in a young's double slit experiment just draw an experimental setup light sources used which is monochromatic so this light source the wait is passing through this two plates and hear the end of the bright and bright and dark fringes are observed on the screen and this is the screen

right now what is happening this question is monochromatic light is replaced by a torch light that is torch has light of different wavelengths wavelength and monochromatic light has only one wavelength Lambda sources what is the change happening this question is one wavelength light is replaced by different wavelength light of wavelength of light is observed due to the super imposition of way when one Lambda is used that interference pattern is clearly observed when monochromatic for home monochromatic

but now we are using a torch that is having different favourite so this fringes will overlap that is for one French for Seth for red wavelength The Princess Bride will print will appear here but from what is suppose the dark will be appearing here and it will be all similar it is it will be alright so well and we will not c any fringes torch light rate

so let's look into the options French will appear for a moment then this is then it will disappear so this will not happen this is the wrong option French will appear as monochromatic like ok this is also wrong only bright fringe will appear so French will appear if any friend this is a pair of any interference pattern is that means it has both bright and dark fringes it is not only brighter only dark only bright fringe appears is wrong no French will appear so this is the right answer the fringes will overlap it will make sentence no fringes will be appearing ok

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