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Class 12






Geometrical Optics


If a spherical mirror is dippe...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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let's read the portion of a spherical mirror dip in water does a focal and change and one word question if a thin lens is dipped in water not we are we doing children's also show that the focal app change so we need to check about this vehicle mirror is used in water and Ethyl Acetate in water which one of them is going to change the focal length of Dr Vineet to Seth WhatsApp lateral support this is a beaker and this weekend is filled with water so the interpreter is filled with water hope you understand now let me draw a spherical mirror year suppose I get to drawing a spherical concave mirror produces a concave mirror now incident lights are coming suppose an incident rights are coming after reflection what happens it is

meeting here so this is refracted Ray and it is meeting year and this point is Focus know in case of mirror support from seeing this is a very thin lenses used this is a very thin understood and just a minute Justin this is a very thin mirror mirror what happens when you say you think M it means if the thickness of 3 to 4 mm on sale this case for those wanting to change it means what is happening the focal length you see this is the focal length of this distance is getting always as RBI to only seen in the case of mirror lens WhatsApp running in case of legs so this is a lens ok no this is the refractive index of new and used the refractive index of lens and the refractive index of surrounding medium medium not this focal length of

this type flash what happens actually the focal length that is 1 by X is equals to upon minus 1 into 1 by 2 minus 1 by Agra this is a curvature of this depends upon the medium Refractive Index of a medium is changing the refractive index of medium will change Din u i will change as so the focal length of the lens of the also going to change Ok sweetmeats 88 spiritual mirror is used in that focus on the job changes but everything else is there a lens is believed that now what happened sanctuary in water for colour changes ok thank you

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