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Electric Charges And Fields


If a small sphere of mass m an...

If a small sphere of mass m and charge q is hung from a silk thread at an angle `theta` with the surface of a vertical charged conducting plate, then for equilibrium of sphere, the surface charge density of the plate is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`epsilon_(0)((mg)/(q))tan theta``epsilon_(0)((2mg)/(q))tan theta``epsilon_(0)(mgq)tan theta``epsilon_(0)((mg)/(3q))tan theta`

Answer : A


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question is if Cosmos fear of mass M and charge Q is hung from a Silk thread at an angle theta with the vertical chart of this year the surface charge density of the plate is so this is our vertical let se charged conducting plate happy returns of the day chart mask which is being up so this is awesome attached to this is a small sphere of mass given as everything charge is cured through this is the vertical axis and electric corresponding to this procedure will be the positive tension in the string with stretch along this direction so we can see the electric field due to this conducting plates is given as Sigma divided by 24

positive charge we can see due to this electric field creates an electric force along the direction of electric field given by the magnitude Q in to see this is the electric force now dissolving this forces along the direction of x-axis and y-axis this angle is also has it is alternate angle vertical component geary St cos theta and the price in two component is it sin theta no balance India was concerned define theatre we have your as we can see your peak of theta is equal to MG so your when we divide these two equation so that I find this should be a is equal to Q into Sigma /

do we have here and not SO value of compound to be anything to ji into Excel not divided by which number one is the correct answer that is up some not MG why you're into the corresponding surface charge density of the place is what is the correct answer

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