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Class 12






Electrical Measuring Instruments


If a shunt 1//10 of the coil r...

If a shunt `1//10` of the coil resistance is applied to a moving coil galvanometer, its sensitivity becomes

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`10` fold `11` fold`(1)/(10)` fold`(1)/(11)` fold

Answer : D
Solution : `(I_(g))/(I) = (S)/(S + G) = ((G //10))/((G//10) + G) = (1)/(11)` <br> Initially, `alpha_(1) = theta//I_(g)` (i) <br> Finally, after the shunt is used, <br> `alpha_(f) = theta//I`(ii) <br> `:. (alpha_(f))/(alpha_(I)) = (theta//I)/(theta//I_(g)) = (I_(g))/(I) = (1)/(11)` <br> So current sensitivity becomes `1//11 - fold`.


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hello students our question is efficient 1 upon 10 of the coil resistance is applied to a moving coil galvanometer it sensitivity becomes so solution for this will be sensitivity become solution will be let this is our galvanometer ok connected with the central distance electric current is my current in this branch will be IG endangers branch will be I minus I ok now we calculate

igf-i which is equals to as upon as plus ok so I ji apan I will be equal to 10 upon Ji Bhai ok so from here Ayyappan I will be equal to one upon 11 Nau initially initially Alpha I will be equals to eat upon Eyes finally Alpha to

sorry Alpha Alpha final will be closed state of an I take the rate of Alpha Alpha AP it will be question theta upon upon heater upon I from here we get IG account I so if we put the value of Alpha upon Alpha ap is equal to 1 upon I and the value of igf-i is 1111 so this means current so this means current sensitivity witty becomes one upon 11 Pol ABCD option

option for our current correct option


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