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If a semiconductor photodiode...

If a semiconductor photodiode can detect a photon with a maximum wavelength of 400 nm, then its band gap energy is : Planck's constant `h= 6.63 xx 10^(-34) J.s` <br> Speed of light `c= 3xx10^8 m//s`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

1.1 eV2.0 eV3.1 eV1.5 eV


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given conductor photodiode wavelength of 400 nm and energy equal to the power minus 13 second and the light is equal to metre per second find the value of energy ok wall to buy laptop condition and equal to 5 then the value of equal to 6.3 UN to the power

minus 34 in speed of the light is 3 into 10 to the power 8 metre per second and laptop under 400 into 10 to the power and that equal to and when dissolved in we can write point 3 into 3 upon or 10 to the power minus 34 into 10 to the power 8 and 10 to the power minus Delta equal to 25 power minus 5 is equal to 8

and 15 and 34 - 15 equal to 19 ok and the unit of energy electron volt Vinod 1 electron volt and equal to 1.6 into 10 to the power minus 19 then we can write delta and equal to into the power minus 19 upon 1.6 into 10 to the power minus 19 electron volt energy gap of the band is equal to 3.1 electron volt and the right answer of question 3.1 question