Updated on:30/05/2023

Identify whether the following statements are true or false and rewrite the false statemetns.
(a) Vinegar disappears when added to water.
(b) Kerosene and petrol form a single layer on mixing.
(c) Ground glass is a transparent material.
(d) Nitrogen gas is soluble in water.
(e) A liquid can have one free surface
(f) Solids have moderate intermolecular forces of attraction.
(g) Condensation is affected by cooling.


Text Solution

(a) Vinegar is soluble in water, and hence disappers when added to water. It is a true statement.
(b) Kerosene and petrol are miscible liquids, and hence can form a single layer on mixing
(c) Ground glass is a transluscent material.
(d) Nitrogen gas is insoluble in water.
(e) A liquid has one free surface that is upper surface.
(f) Solids have the largest intermolecular forces of attraction while liquids have moderate intermolecular forces of attraction.
(g) Condensation of vapour into liquid takes place by cooling.


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