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Class 12






Aiims 2012


Identify incorrect for electri...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello we are given the question and the question says identify the incorrect for electric charge q so the electric charges on typed yes it is how we considered the charge on proton 2 Bigha smallest charge light and hence it is quantized right we determine other charges with respect to that charge is conserved latest see that this is a system that we have Q1 Q2 earnings on this year and Q2 is on this year when we connect the then my conducting wire so what

happens if you oneplus 22 remains constant what does that mean is in a system the charge is a means for instance that means it is conserved so yes they are conserved and as we can see in the conservation law of conservation of charge has been deduced from here that is law of conservation of charge itself so what we can say from here is that when we are this night be get added like a scalar quantity Pila quantity addition happens like a scalar quantity and vector scalar quantity and the addition rules are ke bad edited as we know the

famous experiment right with electroscope experiment electro scopes that is the famous example is glass rod and Silk cloth nightcore we can take Van De graaff generator graph generator that charges at the charges are conserved in a system what according to us what is a system what we are considering as a system that is being the reference point charges are Transferable so this is incorrect so answer would be action to be thank you

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