calculate the molecular mass of CO2.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

(i) Write the dental formula of rabbit.
(ii) With a neat labelled diagram explain the techniques involved in gene cloning. (i) Dental formula is (121,C00,PM32,M33) in Rabbit, which is written as 20331023
I - Incisors PM - Premolar C-Canines M - Molars
(ii) Gene cloning
The carbon copy or more appropriately, a clone means to make a genetically exact copy of an organism.
In gene cloning, a gene or a piece of DNA fragment is inserted into a bacterial cell, where DNA will be multiplied (copied) as the cell divides.
Techniques involved in gene cloning:
1. Isolation of desired DNA fragment by using restriction enzymes.
2. Insertion of the DNA fragment into a suitable vector (plasmid) to make rDNA.
3. Transfer of rDNA into bacterial host cell (Transformation).
4. Selection and multiplication of recombinant host cell to get a clone.
5. Expression of cloned gene in host cell.