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Jee Mains 2020


Hydrogen ion and singly ionize...

Hydrogen ion and singly ionized helium atom are accelerated , from rest , through the same potential difference . The ratio of final speeds of hydrogen and helium ions is close to :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello Pawan hydrogen ion and singly ionised Helium atom are accelerated from rest through same potential difference to find the ratio of final speech of hydrogen and Helium if if I say the two ions if you see hydrogen and singly ionised Helium they both are same charges if they are accelerated through the same potential difference so the change in potential drop is we hear this electric field will be e times of we will get converted into kinetic energy very simple to I will write the word work done by the external agent is equals to change in kinetic energy since the they are if you see in the question the are passed to the same potential

charges on the two hours the same so the change in kinetic energy will be same so initially it was addressed to the two will have the same kinetic energy right now just acquired the kinetic energy of the to it by using the work energy theorem we got they are having the same kinetic energy in now I will equal the kinetic energy of the two so I will write the kinetic energy of hydrogen is equals to kinetic energy of the Helium Ion so it will be close to half into mass of the hydrogen into velocity of the hydrogen square is equals to half mass of helium velocity of helium in the question it is asked that the ratio of the final v h bi vi this how will get cancelled out if you see here then this will be equal to under root 2

m p and m l a mass of Helium atom you can see here are the four times of mass of hydrogen atom it so I will write EMI is equals to 4 times of so I will write 4m by a will be and root of code that is equals to 2 so we got the velocity ratio is to the heavier mass will have less velocity and the lighter mass will have more welocity life so it thank you


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