How will you test whether a given rod is a magnet or not?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone the question is how will you test whether a given rod is a magnet not so let us consider if there is a rod this ok this is the rod and now we don't know whether it is a rod and we don't know whether it is a magnet or a simple and then how will you decide so post is we can bring the magnet near me magnet near it ok and there are two conditions for this if it is attracted then it could be a magnet aur also a iron rod only ok but if it is here

in this case we can't decide whether it is of magnet Torrent but bring and it can also make it repel if there is repulsion then we can say that it is a magnet because it has been an iron rod then it would not reply from magnet and will always attracted to a magnet but A magnet can people on the magnet when we drink opposite food near so what we have to do if they have to bring a magnet and we have to see in such a way that from all the side of the magnet me go near the rod and if there is a kind of proportion then we can say that particular rod is a magnet call

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