Updated on:30/05/2023

How many elementary particles are emitted when 146C transforms to 147N ?


Text Solution

The correct Answer is B


so the question is how many elementary particles are emitted when 6614 transforms to nitrogen 742 so the transformation of carbon 614 is taking place to nitrogen 714 so for any chemical reaction taking place the charges comes the energy and mass is conserved write so here you can see that the total mass that is it it is same and charge is 6 the number of protons is 6 and that of nitrogen is 7 ok so there for to balance the chemical reaction we have se X particle
Seth any any particle se to be sweet dreams having zero mass and charge to be -100 so that the total reaction the total reaction charge and energy mass is conserved so this x minus 10 is definitely a beam of electrons so that means it is a beta particle negative beta particle in Proton is there any nitrogen 7 Proton is there that means a neutron is converted into a Proton right so here neutron-proton transformation is taking place and therefore neutron is converted into a Proton and Antineutrino particle
will also be limited so therefore we have two particles which are emitted first beta rays and B Teresa beam of electrons and secondly we have Antineutrino particle so we have two particles which are admitted in this we are so we have option B as the correct answer


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