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How does a lightning conductor...

How does a lightning conductor protect buildings from lightning?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello if we talk about this question this given question is how does a lightning conductor protect building from lightning ok in a lightning conductor there are certain parts of the first one is the lightning called this lightning cord lightning rod ok and this is connected with the wire and this wire and is connected with a metal plate and this metal is buried in to ground OK so how does this protects us from the lightning suppose there is lightning again and we know that lie lightning is made up of charges will be positive and negative these are made up of charges to all those charges strikes on this particular lightning rod ok therefore the charge will pass through this roared into the wire and this will go into the into the earth ok because it is the ocean of electrons Earth is the ocean of charges or ocean of electrons ok so it can give electroless

100 if the lightning is on strikes on this particular lightning rod then all those charges will go into the ground and this is how it will protect us from the lightning thank you

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