Updated on:26/04/2023

Heating Effect in Current Electricity



question will be dealing with the heating effect in a current electricity ok solid say there is a circuit here ok they will get there is a circuit there in which there is a resistance of resistor of resistance value are ok and there is a voltage source we hear ok this is the voltage source and drain voltage relay of electric current in the circuit be there is a lot that is too slow fitting it states that the amount of heat that is dissipated by this resistor r letter that shows law of heating law of Newton states that aur time when there is a current established in the circuit I is passing through the resistance OK then for that situation the heat developed in the circuit for time it will be able to a square r t i will be the
very can say I will be Re current in the circuit for the current through the resistor letters a and R is the resistance of the resistor and T is the time for which there is current in the circuit ok and then when you want to have this heating effect formula and different terms so we can also since current I can also that current I was it feel to free up on our ok I can say that the heating effect affect the amount of heat dissipated will be if Pa and to it and this I will biwi upon Earth so we of an hour is square into Aarti and from here we can also say that the heat developed will it will be equal to x square upon our ok so these are the two different formulas for the heating effect for editing effect in any resistance or physically separated by any register ok in
case of in case of current flowing in case of current I control system for a time T ok but there are many places in our house that uses heating effect of current electricity and the most common of the the most common appliance of the heating effect is you can see that electric iron electric iron utilizes the heating effect ok electric iron utilizes the heating effect and again then electric bulb and electric kettle electric kettle ok and it is there are many more substances which uses electric current ok and if for practical purposes you know that lets say when this is a bulb here in your house and when this bubble is valid for a long time and when you plug it out you feel that the bless the bulb is
rated at so basically that is the heating effect of current electricity you can verify it in your house also but make sure that used to switch off the bulb before letting it out that was questioned ise thank you