Updated on:26/04/2023

Guess which has a higher pitch : a guitar or a car horn ?



hello friend welcome to dotnet we have to guess which has a higher pitch guitar or a car or so basically as you know which is related to which is related to the frequency frequency of the oscillations and the pitch the pitch controls differences which controls disturbance of sound the illness of sound so you must be knowing that in between guitar and card for the guitar must should have a still found guitar to have a song guitar should have Reliance hostel song
Sound which employs guitar has guitar has higher pitch higher Pitch On the other hand if you talk about Ka Hona if we talk about card heard the sound of third Hona produced is louder sound is found will be louder which required higher amplitude with request higher amplitude and not higher pitch the higher pitch will be of guitar and if it awkward ka thought that it would have higher amplitude that's all for the socialise thank you


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