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Electric Flux And Gauss Law


Gauss's law and Coulomb's law ...

Gauss's law and Coulomb's law , although expressed in different forms , are equivalent ways of describing the relation between charge and electric field in static conditions . Gauss's law is `epsilon_(0) phi = q_(encl)`,when `q(encl)` is the net charge inside an imaginary closed surface called Gaussian surface. The two equations hold only when the net charge is in vaccum or air . <br> If the charge `q_(3)` and `q_(4)` are displaced (always remaining outside the Gaussian surface), then consider the following two statements : <br> `A`: Electric field at each point on the Gaussian surface will remain same . <br> `B`: The value of `oint vec(E ) .d vec(A)` for the Gaussian surface will remain same.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Both `A` and `B` are true .Both `A` and `B` are false.`A` is true , but `b` is false.`B` is true , but `A` is false.

Answer : D
Solution : Electric field will change since two of the charges are displaced from their earlier position , while flux will not change since `q_(1)` and `q_(2)` are still inside the surface.


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start the question question series was low and kulams law also expressed in the same different forms are equal and way of describing the relationship between the charged particle and electric field in a static connection process that Silent 5 is equal to charge enclosed where you encloses the net charge inside the imaginary close questions office kulams law states that electric field is 1 by 45 silent not R square cube 1 by 4 5 7 9 task which says that electric field is inversely proportional to 1 by earthquake right now now to equation whose only when the net charge in the vacuum or a year now for the move in this question we get if the chat

Q3 are displaced always remained outside the portions office then consider the following two state now we can see that the imaginary line is a questions of IT Act Q3 and q4 outside this cautions office but now in this part is that we have two displays the chat 23 and 24 and part bases that electric field each point on the portions of his will remain same because electric field we know that electric field inversely proportional to 1 by a square B and when we displays the charge QC and QA suppose we displays the charge away from a distance away from the portions of a ok now the electric field is changed by

distance of electric field is not see the part a we can write that the statement that electric field at each point on the portions offices statement now for the part B it seems that the value of regulations office will remain same and we know that there is a dot flux which is equals to X is equals to enclose insider portions office / not now in this case when we display start Q3 and q4 away from the sick that is no change our current include charge enclosed charge is inside the portions of is richest Q1 and Q2 this this statement is true so we can write the statement

benefits please cute semkiw for the flux is will remain same statement true statement be true in this thank you

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