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Frequencies of various radiations are given as <br> `f_(v) to` Visible light <br> `f_(r ) to` Radio waves <br> `f_(uv) to` Ultra Violet waves <br> The which of the following is true?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`f_(uv) = f_(v) lt f_(r )``f_(r) lt f_(v) lt f_(uv)``f_(v) , f_(r) lt f_(uv)``f_(uv) , f_(r ) lt f_(v )`

Answer :


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frequencies of various divisions are given this is visible place Israel and ultraviolet waves so as we know that the order of frequencies at electromagnetic spectrum electromagnetic spectrum and only talk about the electromagnetic spectrum what we have is the frequency radio frequencies are radio waves as the least frequency then comes the micro then comes the infrared and visible new Ultra

then X rays and gamma rays so among this we have the Year video player and we have you so the frequency of the video is the least as far as the less than B is network SUV answer would be far less than SBI less than its newly images option we thank you

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