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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> Four charges are arranged on y axis as shown in figure. Then the electric field at point P is proportional to:

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello Vivah 14 charges are arranged on y axis as shown in the figure when electric field at point P is proportional to frequency the figure these are the four charges are kept on y axis and distance between them is you can see it so if I mark them like this is charge and discharge bi Si Di I discuss about charge B and C the electric field direction because of this be charged will be this and because of this teachers it will be like ok so if you see her the X component will get cancelled out write the sex component will get cancelled out since the magnitude will be the same and through because of their making an equal angle with the x-axis tight

to this X magnitude X component of the two electric field will get cancelled out now the Y component will add upright so let's suppose I say this angle theta and you can see this is DNS is the rate and this is if this angle is also theta then this Angle B 90 minus theta and this angle will be also 90 minus theta right so this will be a sin theta + sin theta to calculate EB Soi be will be equals to the electric field because of the charge be at point P write it will be equal to K q b r square so R square will be if you see from the Pythagoras

b square + b square feet will be 2D square write this will be the electric field because of the charge B and the because of the charge see the magnitude will be the same because of the symmetry of you see here now the sign component will add a neat and if I make a triangle of this the right we could see this distance is the district fisheries and this distance Tirupati route to right angle theta so sign of the angle will be one by root 2 only if I talked about the resultant of vector A + vector B will be simply the magnitude of the electric field twice and sin theta since the magnitude of the both electric field as same and that

this is it ok to just put the value of a now he is if you see here he is kq by 2D square Chhotu times of and sin theta will be one by root 2 to this two will get cancelled out and if I talk about the electric field because of a and D the same symmetry will follow up by them but the theatre there will change right so if you see that there the this distance will be the end is distance will be to de so this distance will be the under root 5 minus angle is Cheater so treated as I say to hear the sin theta dash will be

today Badi root 5 fit will be the root 5 again you will do the same here the let's suppose electric field it either so I will write kq by today's query 4D square + b square City will be right now I will write electric field because of a plus because of St will be equal to the 2-3 the component will again cancel out here and the Y component will directly add up so I will write it to design Pinterest just put the value here so it will be like this so if you see here this will be 4

buy 5 root 5 k square now you could add the four because the the four are the a and b vector + b vector and if I talk about a + b e c b u r right so I will write is Pala to both her Palace we can directly at the writers are the electric field I will write + BC + CD write this ke Kyon Badi square will be common thing will come in packets I will write

and here it is if one by root 2 and here it is 4 by 5 route 58 so now you could see already the electric field here is inversely proportional to D square if you see here the be obtained with the correct 1999 you could see the complete question again 4 charges invoice is like this so from the symmetry I found the electric field of a n d along y axis and DNC along y axis to I added to resultant directly and I got the electric field is proportional to the square at point P simple thank you

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