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Class 8






Force And Pressure


Foundations of high rise build...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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hello we are give me the question related to true false question the question says foundation of high rise buildings are small so when high rise buildings are constructed with many floors large number of storey buildings have small Foundation block so since we know that pressure is equal to force per unit area right so this implies that pressure is inversely proportional to the area it is inversely proportional to that means when pressure increases area should decrease in pressure decreases area should increase for constant force

night so if we have a particular type of building it has a constant weight to the forces fixed now Foundation fire rise building a smart watch this statement is false because the foundation of high rise building should be wider or larger to have a lesser pressure on the surface so that the building stays as it is so since the area we are given with smaller which implies that pressure increases but we want pressure be lesser right so which implies that the area should be

wider so that the building stays as it is it the statement is false Sar answer is the statement is false in the correct statement would be foundation of high rise buildings are wider online instead of small thank you

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