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For position of real object at...

For position of real object at `x_(1)` and `x_(2) (x_(2)gtx_(1))` magnification is equal to 2. find out `(x_(1))/(x_(2))` if focal length of converging lens `f=20cm`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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English question questions is that for position of real attacks on next to where X2 is greater than and magnification is required to serve for two different position which is X2 and actual where H2S is greater than next one for me image which method invocation of equal to 200 magnification is also given to magnitude of mine division is too and we need to find out the ratio as one of 1862 and where the focal length is given 20 CM for a converging lens will it for converting it can it can produce both real and virtual image so in the question is given X2 X2 of the distance extra producing a real image

really mail now you also know that magnification in terms of focal length and object distance which is equal to f upon 1 + u f is a focal length and use the distance of object no face it is producing a real image of magnification where is minus 2 equal to have the value of f is 20 by 20 plus minus x cube using sign convention -62 so -2 it is -1 for 10 to 20 - - 10 ok so x 2 equal to 30 w factory

hai 30 November every year in the formula I am equal to f41f plus you and here is to equal to f20 upon 20 -21 ok send connection at these 10 now 20 - X 1 equal to 10 hair explain equal to 10 we have the value of x to X reaches 1310 sexual equality Apple equal to 10 and expiry Gol 2:30 not taking the ratio at

one upon x 2 equal to 10.31.3 so what is right and said but unfortunately in option it is not present maybe it is mistake and the correct answer is 1.3 of you understand


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