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hello everyone started question then let's see if so what will be the optical path the optical path will be physical path Julmi AC + CBE to hear the medium is here so this year the refractive index is was when it enters the slab it will be new ok new into so that you find out so we have to find out in order to get
optical path ok so using snails no using can write and sin Y equal to into sin are there in 11 for a year into sin IAS IAS 60 degree 60° will write 60 degree and Enter The New Dragon Knight new and Saina RS 30 degree so sin 30 degree if we put the value is equal to root 3 by 2 and tier new scientist is equal to
where we can write music world 2 root 3 + 2 and 2 are cancel out ok now we have to find the optical path in terms of A and B Sofia to convert the angle into MB so if you see this is a sign that we can write for a cause for using the way that would be right for Cos 60 degree equal to buy AC it is ok 1
Ghar lete concorso this will be the base and this will be the eyewitness so Bengal you taking is this one from here we can calculate a c l a y degree is equal to and Cos theta is equal to 1 by 2 that will go up to me to ok now we found out AC now you to find out so we can we are using cos 30 degree equal to be in the figure if you take this one ok
so Chhattisgarh equal to bi bi bi bi this is the best and I will tell us so we buy CBD and we can write CV CV equal to 30 degree cos theta equal to 3 by 2 the bottom part 2 will Goa between B2B by Ruchi now we can write this equation for optical path ok if he plus mucb so we can write
AC + 2 and 2A 2A + root 3 and CBS to be by root 3 so bhi by root 3 root 3 root 3 both are cancelled out our financial will be to officially the option the correct option is to a + b so we can write correct answer is 28

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